In-ground Installation & Conversions

Overhead to Underground Conversion

Developers and property owners are increasingly requesting us to investigate and cost the conversion of existing overhead lines within the boundaries of their properties to underground cable systems.

Inspection Services Waikato has substantial expertise and a proven track record in this type of work along with repairs and upgrades to existing overhead supplies.


Trenching and Thrusting

We specialise in provision of trenching and thrusting for all in-ground power, water and telecommunications services.

We can provide the power, phone, water and gas services to your house or subdivision via trenching, drilling or thrusting techniques.

We will achieve this with one point of contact, providing cost effective and fast solutions to all your under grounding requirements with minimal environmental impact.

We can help you with:

From subdivisions to one of overhead to underground conversions. Let us help you with the most invasive part of your building process, call today for a free quote or even just for some friendly advice.