Connection & Supply Inspections

New Connections

To get a new connection you will need to:

Alternatively, we can arrange your new connection whether it is for a new permanent site or temporary use only.

Temporary Connections

A temporary connection is where power is required for a short time and at the conclusion of that no power will be needed. E.g. for construction of a bridge. Arrangements for a temporary connection are initiated in the same way as any other new connection, using the Installation Connection Application.

There will be metering and a power account from an electricity retailer, just as any other power connection.

The sooner we know about your requirement for power, the more likely it is that we can have the supply ready for your scheduled start date.

Builders Temporary Supply

In general a Builder’s Temporary Supply (BTS) is simply that. It is a temporary connection point for power tools used for the construction of a new building. Generally in an urban setting this located on the property boundary and connected directly to the Power Authority connection point.

In a rural situation the connection point is often a considerable distance from the building site. In these cases the underground mains are installed to the building site and the BTS connected to the end so that the power supply is adjacent to the building site.

To arrange for a BTS connection on your site, you, your builder or your electrical contractor, should contact us to complete an installation connection application. All arrangements for the BTS installation and the ensuing new connection can be made by ISW on behalf of, the eventual property owner.

The new connection begins operation as a builder’s box with normal meter and power account from your selected electricity retailer, just as any other power connection.